Meeting Minutes

April 2021

September 2021 to April 2022 season

April 6, 2021

The meeting was called to order by President Scott DeRuyter

The minutes were approved as read

The treasurer’s report was read

Trail report:

  • It was a great year, thanks to everyone for all the hard work

  • Send all hours to Bob

  • Should be getting supplemental in September

  • Signs can come out March 15th, must close trails April 1st

Tucker: new tucker drives nice, pulled all the stickers off, paint is faded. Will repaint


  • The snow show is Oct 15-17 in Milwaukee

  • 11 fatalities

  • 435 hours grooming Sheboygan County

  • 22,379 trail passes sold, 4 million in the trail pass fund

Old Business: NONE

New Business:

  • New Tucker:

      • How much is it worth? Discussion of $10-20,000

          • Chuck moved to start at $15,000, min $10,000, sell at the board’s discretion, seconded by Erich. The motion passed.

      • Repaint?

          • Tim moved to repaint, seconded by Terri. The motion passed

      • Storage

          • Dale moved to pay Dean $500 for storage, seconded by Terri. The motion passed.

  • 50th year for 5 Corners Snowmobile Club, we should take a pic with the old and new tucker

  • Raffle-Pete moved to get 250 tickets again next year to sell, seconded by Andy. The motion passed.

  • Sept 14th will be the next meeting

  • Bridge maintenance

      • The new one was hit twice

      • Chuck’s bridge needs to be fixed, which is technically Falls Club responsibility. Maybe we should take responsibility for it if they won’t fix it.

  • Dale needs angle iron, stakes, and signs

Elections: Chuck moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Bob, Cory, and Robin, seconded by Wayne. The motion passed.

Raffle winner

$50-Carole Schubert

$30-Jerry Hietpas

$20-Ray Falkowski

$10-Nicole Lorier

Bob moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Luke. The motion passed.