Wisconsin Trail Pass

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to order your annual trail passes.

How Will I Get My Discounted WI Trail Pass?

(Effective July 1, 2015)

  • Each member will be responsible for purchasing his/her own Trail Pass/Passes ($10 per sled).

  • Snowmobile clubs will continue to be responsible for your current AWSC membership.

  • There will be four ways current AWSC members (who have snowmobiles registered in WI) can purchase their discounted WI Trail Pass after July 1, 2015!

> Order online through the AWSC website (https://awsc.org/) with a credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover) using your AWSC member number found on your AWSC membership card or on the address label of your WSN magazine (Sept-March) and your Wisconsin snowmobile registration number. When you order online, you will receive one receipt via the e-mail provided when ordering from Authorize.net (the credit card company used to process the credit cards).

> Call the AWSC Office during business hours to order your WI Trail Pass with a credit/debit card, your AWSC member number along with your Wisconsin snowmobile registration number.

> Walk in the AWSC office door and purchase with check or credit/debit card along with your AWSC member number and your Wisconsin snowmobile registration number.

> Mail in your check or credit/debit card information along with your AWSC member number and your Wisconsin snowmobile registration number on the Trail Pass order form (download below).

  • If you have a newly purchased snowmobile with registration pending, please call the AWSC office to request your pass(es). Your receipt for the discounted pass cannot be used to ride. The sticker has to be on the windshield (or center of hood if you change windshields).

  • All Trail Pass stickers will be mailed.

  • The fine for riding without a Wisconsin Trail Pass is $250.

  • There will be no refunds.

  • Any Wisconsin Trail Pass will be effective from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

  • The WI Trail Pass will be 3” x 3” in size and should be affixed to the windshield of your snowmobile. The color will change yearly.