Five Corners Snowmobile Club is comprised of 70 families from

across Sheboygan County.  We manage 22 miles of snowmobile trails,

ranging from Sheboygan Falls to Waldo to Oostburg. 


Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month beginning

at 7:30 p.m. at Chissy’s Restaurant in Waldo from September to April.


For membership or club information, please click on the membership

link on the left or contact the club at fivecorners1971@yahoo.com


 Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Chissy's Restaurant

This is our annual Christmas party also!

Board meeting at 7:00 p.m., business meeting 7:30 p.m.

See the meeting minutes for more details of our last meeting.



Jamie, Secretary:

MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Don't forget--last chance to send dues in. They need to be sent in by the December meeting. We only have about 12 left to renew. Let's make it zero! 

DECEMBER MEETING:  There will be food and a $10 gift exchange for anyone interested. 

Bob, Trail Master:

For those who mark trails, please e-mail your labor and equipment hours to Bob at RBoss8@aol.com ASAP. 

Larry Rietbrock, NKM President:

"I have been taking our tractor out with our brush mower and mowing the woods. Since the trails did not open at all for the past 2 years. The small underbrush has really grown up. Normally the cutting blades on the drags will keep the brush under control. You will be surprised how thick the trails have grown in, especially along the edges. Just a suggestion, widen them out. They look really nice when you’re done." 

**NOTE:  Also a reminder if you mark trail or volunteer with the club in other ways, you need to be a current member for insurance purposes. 

Here are some pics of the new bridge (behind Chuck Born off of Highway 28 on the Sheboygan Falls Club trail). If you remember we have talked a lot about this bridge the past couple years in the minutes. It is finally done. 

Thanks to Robin Dorzok and his son Ryan for making this happen. Pictures courtesy of Chuck Born and the infamous Roy.

Wisconsin Trail Pass

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Wisconsin Trail Pass and to download the order form you can use to mail in.

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Death and Dismemberment Insurance

through AWSC

From Wisconsin Snowmobile News February 2023 (page 8)