This is the information we were provided from the Sheboygan County Fair Park regarding working at the dirt track races. ANY changes to this information will be posted here. If the races are cancelled, the site will be updated as soon as possible on the front page. If anyone has any questions about this information, e-mail the club or call Judy/Scott DeRuyter at 920.564.3111. Thank you.
May 16, 2013:  It will be the responsibility of your group to do the wrapping of the sandwiches and selling of food, soda, and beer. All sellers will be collecting the money and are making their own change.


We realize that it is a long time for some volunteers to be standing, so limited breaks will be allowed. Stand managers will notify your volunteers when breaks can be taken. Breaks are allowed to eat, use the restroom, and have a cigarette if they are a smoker. That is the only time smoking will be allowed as we do not allow frequent smoke breaks. Volunteers are not to use break time to watch the races.


You must provide a minimum of 36 people over the age of 18. All volunteers must be at the fair park by 4 p.m. on the date they are assigned (June 8, 2013). Parking is available as you enter the fair park at gate 2. When walking up to the ticket gate, give your organization’s name (Five Corners Snowmobile Club) to the security person, and you will be allowed free entrance. Please have your group meet at the picnic tables on the north side of the large concession stand.


A fair stand representative will meet your group at that location when it is time to assign jobs and divide the volunteers. Please do not enter the stand until that time. You will be working in three different locations:  concessions food, concessions beer, and our nacho stand.


A stand manager will go over the procedures we use in the area you are assigned. Our methods may not be the way you are familiar with; however, we have found over many years that this works the best for us.


While working volunteers are allowed free coffee, water, and soda. (NO BEER IS ALLOWED WHILE WORKING.) All food and other items must be purchased and consumed outside of the stand.


All workers 18 and older will be aware of the rules outlined in this letter before they arrive, and they will comply with them. Everyone will be assigned an area to work, and when completed in that area may be assigned to go to another.


If the races are cancelled for any reason: 
        (1) your group is guaranteed a Saturday night next season;
        (2) cancelled before 4 p.m., Judy/Scott DeRuyter will attempt to call everyone signed
             up to work as well as posting something on this website;
        (3) cancelled before 7:30 p.m., you will receive a partial payment;
        (4) cancelled before 9:30 p.m., you will receive a larger partial payment.