Five Corners Snowmobile Club is comprised of 70 families from
across Sheboygan County.  We manage 22 miles of snowmobile trails,
ranging from Sheboygan Falls to Waldo to Oostburg. 
Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month beginning
at 7:30 p.m. at Chissy’s Restaurant in Waldo from September to April.
For membership or club information, please click on the membership
link on the left or contact the club at fivecorners1971@yahoo.com.

Grooming on February 10, 2020

Grooming on February 10, 2020

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2020

See the meeting minutes for
more details of our last meeting.



Hi, all. We aren't having a bust-up meeting this April. I'm thinking of having a board meeting when all of this blows over and we can move around better. We're going to do elections in September. The meeting will be on September 1, 2020. Make sure your hours for trail removal get to Bob Boss ASAP when done. As for the raffle, we will be pulling the tickets hopefully on the first Tuesday. It will be Dean, myself, and one board member.

I hope I got most of it for the last meeting.  I hope you have a safe and healthy summer.  Scott.

Bob Boss:
  • Just a reminder to leave your trails in place until April 1, or we could lose our funding.  Also, since we may not meet again this season, please e-mail your trail removal labor and equipment, dates, and hours to Bob Boss.
  • We have permission to keep the trail south of the Waldo Park for this year but will need to find another route for next year due to new home construction.
From our NKM President, Larry Rietbrock:
  • About our I-43 club trail:  We agreed on trail funding last night. Since the Five Corners trail was so close to being funded last year, we agreed to rank the trail # 1, and all the points for the county went to that trail. So hopefully that will be enough to get it funded for you guys this summer.


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